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The AI Whisperer book series is a valuable resource for executives, entrepreneurs, and key decision-makers, providing essential knowledge on becoming an "AI Whisperer." Through its practical guidance on harnessing the power of conversational and visual AI, the series offers actionable insights for improving business operations, increasing creativity, and achieving success—while emphasizing the importance of understanding AI's ethical considerations and its potential to create new opportunities. The series serves as a reminder that individuals who possess knowledge and skills in utilizing AI will be in high demand.


Severin Sorensen is an AI Whisperer and renowned Executive Coach, Executive Recruiter, Keynote Speaker, and CEO of ePraxis LLC. He has provided over 8,000 hours of coaching to entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Presidents. With a focus on AI, economics, innovation, and talent selection, he has served clients from large multinationals to fast-growing companies. He has a professional background that includes serving as a Vistage Chair, selling Sparta to Westec Interactive, working as a Special Assistant to President George H. W. Bush, and graduate studies in economics at King's College, Cambridge University.


It's just the beginning of Severin’s efforts to demystify AI for non-technical business users. As the importance of AI continues to grow, Severin plans to expand on the topics covered in his book through speaking engagements and additional content. He believes that AI has the ability to transform the world and emphasizes the importance of understanding AI's ethical considerations and potential to increase human potential. Remember, AI will not take your job, but rather, someone who knows how to use AI will. To stay updated on Sorensen's initiatives, subscribe for updates.

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